Jakob Mantei - Audio Engineer

Jakobs Portfolio Bio:

As an engineer I am fascinated by the mix. It was in the early days of recording myself in my bedroom that I discovered just how much difference an engineer can imprint on a song. I read about Geoff Emerick recording The Beatles and Alan Parsons' work with Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon. The thought was quickly identified that if anyone other than these talented engineers were to have worked on these classics, they very well may not have been hits! With such a multitude of sounds and tones, it's my job to create a mix that satisfies the listener and will stand the test of time. I am all about creating masterpieces, sonic landscapes and tone monsters! I like to consider myself a 'one-stop-shop', where I can lead you from production to recording, through mixing and mastering, and into distribution. You bring the songs and I'll guide you through the whole process. Though I enjoy almost all music genres, I feel I am most fluent with Rock, Hard Rock & Metal, Indie, Punk, Ska, Progressive Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Folk, & some Classical. I am always interested in starting a new project, big or small. Contact me today and we'll start work tomorrow!

Band List:

Deep Space - Collin Mullins
Ripe Honey - The Green View
Thick Red Wine - Brennon Wayne
Ergoline - Nova
Foxy Dangerous - Six Foot Shadow
Pussy Factory - Flock of Kites

Carter Greeves - Audio Engineer

Carters Portfolio Bio:

For as far back as I can remember music has always been a fascinating thing to me. The fact that what essentially boils down to vibrations in the air at a certain speed can invoke such a penetrating emotional response in people is amazing to me. I am a lover of all music in all forms; from romantic era composers, to modern music of all genres, I connect with a wide palette of musical influences. To me, mixing is the act of polishing and balancing the various sounds and textures of your performance in a way that will best showcase your artistic creation. Constructing the "perfect performance" is a labor of love. When recording, the techniques I use are tailored to each band or artist or even to each individual song. I've had success with everything from the minimalist mic techniques of decades past, to very complicated detail micing, with choices dictated by how the individual song, project or artist responds. I enjoy experimenting sonically, and I'm always looking for new methods of working or sounds to capture, but first and foremost it is my goal to capture your music in a way that will cast it in the best possible light!

Band List:

Color Chemistry - Wolvie
Mind At Large - Jump The Shark
The Brothers Vinyl - Frontier Live
Black Ladder - Roseanne
Mina Chung - Real Fun Funeral