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Phosphene Productions

Phosphene Productions is an independent audio production and recording studio based in Austin Texas. Offering services in song and project Pre-Production, professional and high-quality studio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, as well as Copyright set-up, artist Royalty set-up, and both physical and digital Distribution options. Here at Phosphene Productions, we believe the modern musician has no need for the old-fashioned record label, our goal is to provide musicians and artists all the necessary resources to further their musical career at a competitive and affordable rate. Working out of three conveniently located Central Texas locations, Phosphene Productions provides a fantastic atmosphere for harnessing creative musical inspirations, and aims to guide musicians down a profitable career path.
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Our Testimonials

"Phosphene Productions is an Austin-based independent sound production company that Jakob and Carter created. These guys are both audio engineers AND musicians. Being well-versed in music themselves, they have a keen ear for tailoring my sound and energy. The recording process and experience was the best yet."

-Samantha Lynn of Ripe Honey

"Working with these guys was nothing short of amazing. Pro from the get go, blending both technical knowledge with creative input, and topping the whole thing off with good vibes all around. The setting they work in is beyond words. It is everything you hope for in a studio experience, and the end result is a bit of psych rock perfection."


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